Sunday, January 23, 2011

NEW lenses have arrived from

I finally got 3 new pairs of circle lenses from They are: Hana/SP Eye AF3 in Aqua and Gray, and Puffy 3 Tone Violet. The shipping took two weeks and the package was shipped from Vancouver, B.C. Overall, I am very satisfied with their service. This is a legitimate and a very reliable circle lens store. 90% of the lenses come in plano. So far there are only 13 kinds of lenses that come in prescription. All lenses are sold for $20. They usually have great promotions but the only permanent one they have is 15% off will be given to first-time customers and for those who submit a review.
                                          What came with the package

     The Fresh Color bottles contain both Hana/SP AF3 and 
                                           the G&G bottles contain Puffy 3 Tone                 

                                          Bottom Left: Puffy 3 Tone Violet 
                                          Other two: Hana/SP AF3 Gray and Aqua

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